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Maya Pattison
Jan 2018

Barkly Announces 273% Quarter-over-Quarter Growth


Barkly reported strong revenue growth in Q4 2017, driven by innovations to its endpoint protection platform and increasing adoption.

We are proud to announce that Barkly has experienced 273% quarter-over-quarter annual recurring revenue growth for the fourth quarter of 2017. Barkly’s explosive growth is fueled by our unique ability to protect businesses against the growing threat of fileless attacks and exploits, which are missed by legacy antivirus solutions. According to a recent Ponemon Institute report, fileless attacks are 10x more likely to succeed than file-based attacks.

In addition to the significant revenue growth, Barkly made industry leading advances to deliver the first Mobile Incident Response solution to the endpoint security market. Organizations now have the critical ability to respond to incidents from their iOS or Android device wherever they are, view forensic details on blocked attacks, and take action with one click.

Barkly also added a third patent to their portfolio during this period. Barkly integrates CPU-level information with other behavioral indicators to identify and block malicious activity protecting companies from the most sophisticated threats in the evolving threat landscape.

These patented techniques protected Barkly’s customers from widespread attacks like WannaCry, NotPetya, and Emotet, while also blocking complex lateral threat vectors like the NSA exploit EternalBlue.

“Barkly’s unique and patented approach kept our customer’s protected against an unprecedented number of threats in 2017. As the number of threats continue to grow in size and sophistication in 2018, Barkly’s smarter approach will keep our rapidly expanding customer based protected even as the threat landscape continues to evolve and grow,” said Mike Duffy, Barkly CEO.

Barkly was also validated by AV-Test for antivirus replacement. Their comprehensive testing, completed in November of 2017, proved Barkly’s antivirus replacement efficacy with zero impact to performance. Additionally, Barkly secured validation for HIPAA, PCI DSS Requirement 5 and NIST compliance from Coalfire.

“Barkly has enabled us to replace our legacy AV with the strength of protection needed to block today’s advanced attacks. Barkly is completely modernizing endpoint protection software. It’s the first interface I’ve used that actually makes it easier to manage protection.”

— Neal Richardson, Director of Technology at Monadnock Regional Schools District

Key Q4 2017 Highlights

  • Barkly had 273% quarter-over-quarter annual recurring revenue growth.
  • Barkly continued its investment in its endpoint protection platform with the ability to stop sophisticated attacks such attempts to abuse Microsoft's DDE feature, which are often missed by other solutions. Enhancements included new techniques for blocking the latest exploits and script-based attacks.
  • Barkly was awarded a third patent from the USPTO for an extension of the company’s unique ability to integrate CPU-level activity into their multi-level behavioral analytics. The combination of advancements in Barkly’s patent portfolio enables a strength of behavioral protection that protects Barkly customers against the most sophisticated modern attacks.
  • Barkly announced the industry’s first Mobile Incident Response solution. A mobile version of the entire Barkly Management Portal ensures organizations have complete access to their endpoint protection data anytime, anywhere.
  • Barkly received independent certification for antivirus replacement, HIPAA, PCI DSS & NIST from Coalfire and AV-TEST.
  • To continue to support its growing customer base, Barkly expanded platform support for Windows servers and virtualization workflows.

Stay tuned for more great things to come from Barkly in 2018. To keep up to date on the latest from our team, be sure to subscribe to the blog.

Maya Pattison

Maya Pattison

Maya is the Director of PR at Barkly. She has a strong background in media relations, crisis communication and media training. When not at the office, Maya expresses her creativity through digital photography and abstract painting.


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