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Jun 2015

Barkly Closes $12.5 Million Series A to Deliver Endpoint Security that is Simpler & Stronger

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Boston-based endpoint security startup, Barkly, today announced that it has closed a $12.5 million Series A financing round, led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and including Sigma Prime Ventures. Barkly has now raised a total of $17 million since the company was co-founded in 2013 by Mike Duffy and Jack Danahy, longtime colleagues, information security industry veterans and serial entrepreneurs. The funding will be used to expedite the company’s recruiting, product development, and go-to-market initiatives in the healthcare and financial services industries.

"We've built Barkly to bring advanced protection to the endpoint systems of the thousands of organizations that find themselves unprotected from modern sophisticated attacks, and who cannot afford to hire teams of experts to manage complex, expensive solutions,” said Duffy.


Redefining the expectations of endpoint security

Barkly enters the information security market at a time when 62 percent of successful cyber attacks breach small and mid-sized companies.  These statistics confirm that existing endpoint security solutions for these markets do not provide the protections necessary, nor the simplicity required for universal adoption and use.

By contrast, IT administrators with little or no security background can easily install Barkly on any number of devices using existing systems management tools. Attacks are automatically stopped in real-time without administrator interaction, and messages can be sent to end users to educate them about their mistake. For example, if an employee inadvertently clicks on a malicious link in his/her email, which subsequently attempts to install malware on the user’s machine, Barkly will immediately interrupt the installation, notify the IT administrator and educate the user. Notifications happen in real-time and are delivered on both desktop and mobile devices, so administrators can take action anytime, anywhere.

“The endpoint is often the most vulnerable part of any business,” said Danahy, Barkly’s CTO. “But despite the threats, endpoint security has not evolved with scale or expediency. While large enterprises have the capital to invest in unprecedented protections, the majority of companies are limited to using solutions that are ineffective against intelligent attacks. We purposefully designed Barkly so that any IT administrator, at any company, could implement advanced security and be confident in the safety and productivity of their workforce, with minimal oversight. That’s the beauty of Barkly.”


Breakthrough technology making stronger security simple

Barkly combines a proprietary, high performance, local protection agent with SaaS based reporting and management to provide real time defense against modern malware, including zero-day and polymorphic attacks. Powered by advanced behavioral analytics, the Barkly agent is invisible to both end users and attackers, and is unique in its speed and simplicity.

"We’ve seen countless endpoint security solutions that are focused on the Fortune 1000s but are too complicated for most other companies to consume. We’re excited to back Barkly’s leaders as they deliver a new form of endpoint security that’s simple to deploy and manage,” said Harry Weller General Partner at NEA. “Both end users, and IT administrators want to be protected, but they also want to get back to work.  Barkly lets them do both – quickly and simply."

Barkly Protects, Inc.

Barkly Protects, Inc.

Barkly is re-inventing endpoint security. Based in Boston, Barkly identifies and stops sophisticated attacks on endpoint devices without sacrificing employee performance or productivity. Its speed and simplicity allows IT administrators to install, monitor, and customize reporting with efficiency and ease. Barkly was co-founded in 2013 by Mike Duffy and Jack Danahy, longtime colleagues, information security industry veterans, and serial entrepreneurs and is backed by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Sigma Prime Ventures.


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