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Jonathan Crowe
Oct 2015

Barks & Bytes 10.30.15: Halloween Edition

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Your weekly roundup of cybersecurity news and resources.

Latest News

Invasion of the Password Snatchers: Popular Free Web Hosting Company Breached

As many as 13 million usernames and passwords stored in plain text appear to have leaked from web hosting company 000Webhost. — Forbes 

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Tales from the Cryptowall: Ransomware Revenue May Flow to One Group

Cryptowall 3.0, which encrypts files and demands a ransom, may have generated as much as $325 million for its developers. — CSO 

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Bills & Chills on Capital Hill: The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act Passes

CISA sailed through the U.S. Senate this week, despite protests from opponents who argue it is more about enabling government surveillance than imrpving cybersecurity. — Krebs on Security 

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Return of the Living Dead Botnet: Dridex is Still Alive & Kicking

Spam emails containing the Dridex malware are being seen almost daily despite the arrest of one of its key operators in August. — Dark Reading

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The Threat is Coming from Inside the House

New report indicates the average organization experiences nine insider threats each month. — Help Net Security 

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Opinions & Trends

Did the FBI Really Say "Pay Up" for Ransomware? Here's What to Do

Comments from an FBI agent have sparked a fierce debate over the appropriate response to ransomware demands. — Naked Security 

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Spotlight On: Malware

In the spirit of Halloween, we're shedding light on the spooky things that go bump online.

In this ghoulish guide you’ll be introduced to six classes of malware, each with its own nefarious purpose and fiendish characteristics. The more you know about how these malicious pieces of software operate, the better. So read on — if you dare: 

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Jonathan Crowe

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