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Ryan Harnedy
Jul 2016

Buying Endpoint Security: The 3 Things Your Boss Needs to Know

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As an IT pro in the trenches, it can sometimes feel like you’re losing the battle, but your boss says you’re winning the war. When we surveyed over 350 IT pros for our Cybersecurity Confidence Report we found that while about 70% of IT executives feel confident in their current security solution but less than half of IT pros said they felt the same.

As an IT professional concerned about the rise in ransomware and malware attacks, a behavior-based layer of endpoint protection may seem like a no-brainer. However, your boss may not immediately see it the same way, simply because they don’t see threats up close the way you do.

Since it’s important for you and your boss be on the same page, especially when purchasing, installing, and using a new security tool it can be helpful to take a step back, walk a mile in your boss’ shoes and see what is important to them, and how you purchase and endpoint security product that makes all of IT’s lives easier.

What Does Your Boss Look for in Endpoint Security?


Will It Make Us Safer?

Before you can begin selling your boss on the features and functionality of endpoint protection you need to sell your manager on the fact that this software will actually make your company more secure. If your manager is going to set aside budget for a new piece of software they’re going to want to make sure that what they’re buying is worth spending the money on.

As you evaluate endpoint security products look for ways that you can show your boss, and the rest of your IT team, the value of endpoint protection.

The best way to do this is with a free trial period so you can test out a new vendor on your own hardware so you, and your boss, can see first-hand that implementing endpoint protection will improve your company’s security. Also be sure to check to see if any new vendors’ websites have a resources page as they usually will have some case studies and testimonials that will help strengthen your case for endpoint protection.

Will It Make Your Lives Easier or Harder?

Once your boss is convinced that endpoint security is a good idea, the next concern on their list is “will this be a headache to set up.”

The biggest factor in this is integration. As you evaluate a new cybersecurity vendor keep a list of the hardware and software you’re currently running and be sure to check with any new prospective vendors to make sure that your new solution will play nice with your existing infrastructure. A new layer of protection is worth investing in, but you want to make sure that you’re not damaging the security layers you have in place already.

Once your manager is satisfied that a new solution will integrate cleanly the next thing they will be concerned with is typically ease of installation and setup.

Your boss probably already has a bunch of projects on their schedule so a product that is easy to install, configure, and manage will be much more appealing than even a tool that could be potentially stronger but is impossible to install.

Will It Help Us Look Good?

It can be easy for other departments to forget just how crucial IT is. IT enables everyone else to do their best work, but if IT is doing everything right and it’s smooth sailing it can be easy to miss how hard everyone in IT works to keep everything running.

That’s why, when threats like ransomware, malware, and phishing become large concerns it’s a good opportunity not only to save your company millions in ransoms and lost productivity it’s also a great opportunity to help your boss, and your whole department, show everyone how crucial IT is.

When you’re speaking to your manager about a potential new security tool be sure to highlight which problems it solves and, how they can show it’s making a difference to their boss.

It’s one thing for your boss to report that you set up a new piece of software, it’s a whole other, and better, thing to have your boss be able to explain that the new tool is stopping malware that can cost your company $3,000 per day.

When you start taking a look at endpoint protection you can use this executive worksheet from our Endpoint Security Buyer’s Guide to help build your case for why the right decision for your company’s protection is also going to help your boss, and your whole team, become the heroes of the office.

Ryan Harnedy

Ryan Harnedy

Ryan writes about how to make cybersecurity make sense to end users and keep employees safe from ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks. He enjoys decoding buzzwords and sharing security tips that users might actually follow.


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