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Brianna Gammons
Sep 2016

Education: Top Sector for Ransomware Attacks

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Hot for teachers: New report shows the education sector is suffering the highest volume of ransomware attacks. 

Security headlines this year have been dominated by ransomware attacks at hospitals and other healthcare organizations. But according to a new report from BitSight, the biggest target for ransomware is actually the Education sector.

While findings show rates of ransomware attacks have increased for every industry over the past 12 months, the chart below highlights just how prevalent attacks on education have become. 

Education is seeing more than 2x the amount of ransomware attacks as Government (the 2nd most targeted sector), and nearly 4x the amount of attacks as Healthcare. 

1 in 10 Education organizations are experiencing ransomware on their network

BitSight Ransomware Report

Source: BitSight

Education also had the highest increase this year in ransomware attacks, with Government close behind.

BitSight Ransomware Report Education Growth

Source: Forbes and BitSight

Are you worried about ransomware at your school? Here are some resources to help you prevent and respond to an attack:


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