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Jonathan Crowe
Dec 2017

IT Pros Prefer to Manage Security from their Phones


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To keep up with increasing security demands, more and more IT pros are calling for mobile management features.

These days, keeping an organization secure from malware and other threats is a 24/7 job. IT and security professionals need to be ready to respond to security alerts at any time, day or night, whether they're at the office or not. The ability to react quickly can be crucial, especially with a resurgence of worming capabilities making it possible for malware to spread throughout and across organizations faster than ever. 

It's not surprising then, that when asked, the majority say they would prefer to receive security alerts on their phones.

Nearly two-thirds of IT professionals prefer to receive security alerts on their phones

We recently surveyed IT and security pros to learn more about how they're currently receiving and managing security alerts, and what kinds of changes would help them do so more effectively.

The responses indicated the flexibility of receiving mobile notifications is especially important for IT pros, whose various roles can keep them away from their desks for large parts of the day.

76 percent of the respondents confirmed that receiving security alerts and having the caability to respond to them on their mobile device would improve their ability and speed to respond. 

Nearly half of IT pros have missed a security alert while out of the office

In addition to improving response times, respondents also indicated mobile management would help them avoid missing security alerts altogether while out of the office — a problem that 46 percent acknowledged had happend to them at least once. One in five IT pros reported they have had to come back in to the office to handle an alert they weren't able to manage remotely. 

Barkly Introduces Mobile Incident Response

To help IT pros respond to the pressures of managing their organization's security, we're excited to announce Barkly’s Mobile Incident Response. With it, admins can get peace of mind knowing that they’ll be informed of every incident and have the ability to follow up with a single click, anytime and anywhere.

Barkly is the first Endpoint Protection Platform to introduce Mobile Incident Response, enabling administrators to:

  • respond to incidents from their iOS or Android devices — wherever they are
  • view forensic details on blocked attacks
  • take action with a single click

Learn more about Mobile Incident Response here.

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Jonathan Crowe

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