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Ryan Harnedy
Sep 2016

Security by the Numbers: Weekly InfoSec Stats & Headlines, 9.30.16

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Your weekly dive into malware and security trends. Here are the most telling stats of the week:

500 million user accounts

Yahoo has confirmed the 500 million accounts compromised in a 2014 nation-state attack is unconnected to the 200-million-account breach that occurred last August. Yahoo is still investigating both incidents, but they appear to be two entirely unconnected breaches. (Dark Reading)

1.1 terabits per second

The size of a record-breaking denial of service attack on French Web host OVH, 60% larger than the previous largest known attack on the security website KrebsOnSecurity. Over 145,000 hacked cameras were used to power the DDoS attack. (Ars Technica)


Despite ransomware attacks on healthcare providers capturing the majority of the headlines, research from BitSight indicates education organizations are experiencing 4x the volume. Education was the most targeted sector, seeing twice as many ransomware attacks as the second-most-targted sector: government. (Barkly)

$1.5 million

The amount hackers can take home by jailbreaking the the iPhone. Zerodium, a company that offers payouts for locating unknown exploits in software, recently increased their payout for anyone who can find a way to hack an iPhone remotely. (Motherboard)

5 years

That’s how long a Verizon technician was able to actively steal and sell customer data. The tech admitted to using company computers to steal and sell private customers' location and call data over a period of five years. By the time he was caught the technician had made over $10,000 from the thefts. (Endgadget)

185 million

The number of security incidents that bypassed perimeter defenses, according to a report by Fortinet. The report also sheds light on various malware, DDoS, and botnet attacks that are getting through perimeter defenses and infecting companies that rely on firewalls and antivirus. (SC Magazine)

1 in 3

The number of organizations that, according to a new report by Bitglass, have experienced an insider attack in the last year. The CEO of Bitglass suspects that the accessibility of data provided by cloud apps and BYOD has led to an increase in threats by internal employees. (HelpNet Security)

$44 million

The amount of money one company lost in an email scam. Leoni, one of the world’s largest cable manufacturers, was recently the target of a successful business email compromise (BEC) attack. Leoni’s stock has dropped almost 7 percent since the announcement. (TripWire)

Ryan Harnedy

Ryan Harnedy

Ryan writes about how to make cybersecurity make sense to end users and keep employees safe from ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks. He enjoys decoding buzzwords and sharing security tips that users might actually follow.


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